Keyblock errors can be caused by:

  1. Keyblock is not attached
  2. Keyblock drivers are not installed 
  3. Keyblock is faulty
  4. Workstation system date/time does not match server system date/time
  5. Computer cannot access the shared directory

Most keyblock errors occur because the business files cannot be read. You can fix this by making sure you have a connection to your business directory.

  • Check your Date and Time Settings:

If MicroBiz® is installed on multiple computers then all the computers must have the same Date and Time. The time must be within 1 min of each other. If you double-click the Time Clock on the lower left ( default location ) of your windows desktop then the Adjust Date & Time window should open. Verify all computers current Date and Time settings and adjust them as needed.

  • Verify your connection if running a Mapped Drive:


MicroBiz® may be located on a drive that says C on FrontDesk or C on Server etc. This would then indicate the Drive letter in ( Z: ). Open this drive and find the Business folder. When found open the folder and then Close it. Now re-open MicroBiz®. If this doesn't work then go to your start menu in Window and select "All Programs". Now select the MicroBiz controller series and click on set paths for Microbiz Controller. From here you can check the system files path and make sure it's pointing to the ( Z: ) network drive.

  • Verify the connection status of the Keyblock:

 Locate the Keyblock attached to your computer.

Unseat the keyblock from its connecting port and re-seat it. Re-Open MicroBiz®

  • 5+ Days since Keyblock was last read.... 

This is usually because of one of two reasons. First make sure you are looking to the correct Business Folder and then verify that your keyblock computer opened MicroBiz® prior to any other MicroBiz® system. To verify you are looking at the correct Business folder you would simply find your Business folder on your Server computer. If that is a different computer and you are currently looking at C:\Business then you may have installed MicroBiz® incorrectly. Please call into our support team to fix this. If the server is this computer having the problem and you are looking at C:\Business verify that your keyblock is firmly attached to the system and try again.