Identifying Cash Drawer Components


Table 1-1 Cash Drawer Components

  1. Media divider that snaps in and out of place for several organizational options.
  2. MultiPRO® interface that adapts to most POS platforms.
  3. Functional lock that offers several levels of security: locked closed, locked open, online or manual open depending on model.
  4. Narrow footprint that saves counter top space.
  5. Till for bills and coins.

Connecting and Locking the Cash Drawer

  1. Place the cash drawer on a flat surface near your POS work center.
  2. Connect the POS printer interface cable to the MultiPRO® interface underneath or on the rear of the cash drawer, then connect the other end of the cable to the printer.

    The printer interface cable provided with the cash drawer is designed to work with HP POS printers. If you are connecting the cash drawer to a printer other than HP POS printers, select the appropriate interface cable for your printer model.

    HP Cash Drawers only support 24 volt printers. Connecting an HP Cash Drawer to a 12 volt printer may result in unpredictable performance , such as the cash drawer not opening or opening unexpectedly, in addition to the possible damage to the cash drawer and printer.

    Figure 2-1 Connecting the Printer Cable

  3. Assemble and install the inner drawer divider kit using the installation steps provided in the kit.
  4. Use the security key supplied with the cash drawer to turn the lock to the online position. Refer to the following illustrations for other lock positions for your model.

    Before using the cash drawer, it is recommended that you create a unique and secure lock and key system in accordance with your company's security policy. HP is not responsible for the security of the cash drawer, damage to the cash drawer, or the replacement of lost keys.

    Table 2-3 Lock Options (Standard Duty Cash Drawer)

    Select This Lock Option

     To Do This

    1 Manual OpenAllows manual access to the contents of the cash drawer.
    2 OnlineOperation of the cash drawer is driven electronically by the printer.
    3 Locked ClosedPrevents the cash drawer from being opened by an electrical signal from the printer.
  5. Install the printer drivers or the integrated cash drawer drivers if not already installed. Refer to the printer documentation for instructions. The drivers will enable the cash drawer to operate electronically.
  6. Open the cash drawer and fill with currency.
  7. Turn on the POS computer.