Solving Common Problems


Possible Cause


Nothing is displayed on the pole display.Cables are loose.Check to be sure the cables are tightly connected.
Check to be sure the display is plugged in.
Welcome message does not display on Pole Display.Custom message has not been created.Setup the welcome message under Management > Customize > Hardware Settings in MicroBiz.
The display does not respond after you turn on the system.The Pole Display is not receiving power.Reset the pole display by pressing the power switch on the pole display to On then Off or unplug the power source to the display then replug it in.
Can’t see which Comm Port is identified for the Pole Display.Plug in the Pole Display, then access the operating system’s Device Manager to identify Comm Port.In Windows, click Start> Control Panel> System> Hardware> Device Manager> Ports (COM&LPT). The system will display the Comm Port on the next available port.

Online Technical Support

For online access to technical support information, self-solve tools, online assistance, community forums of IT experts, broad multivendor knowledge base, monitoring and diagnostic tools, go to:

Preparing to call Technical Support

HP supports hardware/breaksupport for this product. If you cannot solve a problem using the troubleshooting tips in this section, you may need to call technical support. Have the following information available when you call:

  • If the product is connected to an HP POS computer, provide the serial number of the POS computer
  • Serial number located on the label underneath the product
  • Purchase date on invoice
  • The spares part number located on the bottom of the product
  • Conditions under which the problem occurred
  • Error messages received
  • Hardware configuration
  • Hardware and software you are using