Barcode Scanner


The barcode scanner may be plugged into any free USB port. One may plug the barcode scanner into the power USB port in the 5V part of USB port, when plugged in this configuration the power portion of USB port is not utilized.

Windows Drivers for the Barcode Scanner

The HP POS scanner uses native drivers for Windows operating system. If during the driver installation Windows displays the new hardware wizard, the user needs to accept the defaults that appear during the hardware wizard GUI (for the first screen you may select the no option) and the native drivers will be loaded. 

The following is the Device Manager window after all the drivers are loaded for the HP USB Barcode Scanner:


Set the scanner back to Default with Carriage Return by printing and scanning the barcodes on this document.

Set the scanner to Always On/Stand Mode by printing and scanning the barcodes on this document.

Download the HP Linear Barcode Scanner Programming Guide for more advanced scanner setup options.

If the model number on your scanner starts with 'LS2208' then you need to use these documents.

Defaults with Carriage Return

HP Programming Reference Guide