Now that you are up and running, you are ready to run a sale. This article illustrates a basic walkthrough of a sale. Before you use this article, you should have gone through all of the customization setup of your system. At a minimum, the invoice selection (Print Settings) and the printer selection (Hardware Settings) should be set properly.


 Figure 17-1

Sales Walkthrough

  1. From the MicroBiz Main Menu, choose Daily, Work Screen.
    • The Signon window will appear (Figure 17-2).
  2. Enter your Signon initials and choose the Work Screen button. Load your customer (if desired) using one of the methods available:
    • Enter (or scan) their customer number into the SKU box.
    • Click on the customer panel and select the customer from the list.
    • Choose F8-Cust and select the customer from the list (Figure 17-3).
  3. Load your items using one of the methods available:
    • Enter or scan the SKU(s) desired.
    • Choose F3-Items and select the items from the list (Figure 17-4).
  4. When ready to finalize the sale, choose F9-Print (Figure 17-5).
  5. The total for this sale is now displayed on the screen. Choose the tender type(s) from the menu on the right and change the tender amount(s) if necessary.
  6. When finished, choose OK to complete the sale and print the receipt (Figure 17-6).


                                            Figure 17-2


                                                  Figure 17-5


                                       Figure 17-3


                                               Figure 17-4


                                                                                                       Figure 17-6