This section will provide a walkthrough for an update of MicroBiz version 15.2 and older. The walkthrough will cover updating the most commonly used module, “Standard Retail Business.” If updating a different module, just choose the desired option from the installation menu.

Each installation type has the four options shown below:

  • Single User / Standalone should be used for a single instance of the MicroBiz System

  • Sub Station - Client Installation is used for multiple PC setups for all but one of the computers (you still need one, the “server,” to be installed as Central Station - Server Installation).

  • Central Station - Server Installation is used for your main PC where your data will reside. All sub station computers look to this for its Business Data.

  • Demo Installation is used when you are only installing MicroBiz as a Demo on one station. Each Sub Station would still require the installation of the Sub Station - Client Installation.

Create a backup before proceeding!

  1. Exit MicroBiz on ALL Stations.

  2. Open your current version of MicroBiz on your SERVER system so we can perform a backup.

  3. Go to Management | Customize | Global Settings // File Backups

  4. Ensure the backup path is a valid location and select BACKUP NOW.

  5. Once the backup is complete then we can proceed to the upgrade process.

  6. Make sure ALL stations are out of MicroBiz!
  7. Launch the MicroBiz installer by running the setup file that was downloaded from Click Run on the Windows security screen.

  8. Click Yes for brand new installation.

  9. Click Next on the "Upgrade - MicroBiz for Windows" Screen.

  10. Choose the desired installation type from the list. This walkthrough is covering option 1 for a standard retail business. Click the Next button to continue.

  11. Select the installation role from the list. Select the Single User option, if you have only 1 system running MicroBiz.  Select Central Station - Server Installation on your "main" computer ( Your MicroBiz Server ) and run the Sub Station - Client installation on the "workstation" computers. Click the Next button to continue.

  12. Check over the settings and make sure everything is correct before clicking Install to continue. Make sure that it has selected the correct system and local installation folders for your current installation of MicroBiz. The install process will start after clicking Install.

  13. Click Finish to launch MicroBiz.

  14. The system will prepare your data files for the first time with a “Reindex/Clean & Pack” routine. This process will only happen on the main/ server machine. Once complete, click OK to continue.

  15. The update process is now complete.

The update process for the client workstation(s) is the same process, except we select Sub Station / Client Installation, instead of Central Station / Server Installation on step 11.