This section will provide a walkthrough for an update of MicroBiz version 15.3 and newer.

  1. Make sure ALL stations are out of MicroBiz!

  2. Launch the MicroBiz installer by running the setup file that was downloaded from Click Run on the Windows security screen.

  1. Click Next on the "Upgrade - MicroBiz for Windows" Screen.

  1. Check over the settings and make sure everything is correct before clicking Install to continue. Make sure that it has selected the correct system and local installation folders for your current installation of MicroBiz. The install process will start after clicking Install.

*Please note your Installation Directory may differ from the above location

  1. Click Finish to launch MicroBiz.

  1. The system will prepare your data files for the first time with a “Reindex/Clean & Pack” routine. This process will only happen on the main/ server machine. Once complete, click OK to continue.

  1. The update process is now complete. The client upgrade is identical.